Morning, Miss Moo preview available from Google Books

Google Books is helping self-published authors, such as the Blonde, by allowing their content to be viewed online. It's called the Google Books Partner Program and Morning, Miss Moo is now available for preview on the site. Guests can see the first few pages of the book along with author and illustrator information. If you like what you see, Google then provides retail information along with links to Miss Moo's biggest supporters, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent retailers. Pretty cool, eh? The Blonde is also working on making me available as a digital download so those of you with iPads, Nooks and Kindles can see me anytime you want. Just think, all Moo all the time. Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

To try it out for yourself, visit this page from the Tattered Cover Book Store and click on the "Google Preview" tab under the cover image. Or you can visit Google Books and type Miss Moo in the search box.

Miss Moo author featured in the Children's Book Review

The Blonde was recently featured by the Children's Book Review in their Author's Showcase. She gives a short interview with Bianca Schulze about the creating of Miss Moo and what it's like writing a weekly column at To read the full interview, check out this Children's Book Review link.

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #6

6) 'Tis better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

When it comes to getting what you want out of life, don't wait around for people to hand things to you. Take matters into your own hands! And if that should happen to get you into trouble, look as cute as possible while begging.

Morning, Miss Moo to be featured at the Santa Paws Festival

Looking for a cat-friendly way to shop for the holidays? Spend Friday and Saturday, December 3 & 4, at the Cat Care Society for their Santa Paws Festival. The festival, held at the CCS building on West 6th Avenue near Sheridan, will feature homemade baked goods and handmade holiday crafts. Miss Moo is proud to be selling autographed copies of her book at this special event. All proceeds go directly to the Society. The CCS Meow Mart will also feature cat-centric items for cats and cat lovers. The festival starts Friday, December 3, from noon to 5 p.m. and continues Saturday, December 4, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Miss Moo hopes you stop by and support this cat-only animal shelter.

The Cat Writers' Association extends membership to Miss Moo author

Miss Moo is pleased to announce The Blonde has been accepted as a member of the Cat Writers' Association. (Betcha didn't know there was such a thing, did ya?) The CWA is an organization of professionals who write, publish and broadcast about cats. Members include writers, editors, publishers, artists, public relations specialists, broadcasters and many others, all with a love of felines as a common bond. To learn more about the CWA, check out their website:

Miss Moo News Alert!

Fireside Books and Coffee in Englewood, CO, is now selling Morning, Miss Moo! Located at 410 West Hampden Avenue (near Hampden & Broadway), Fireside is a neighborhood book and coffee shop that is open 24 hours and sells both new and used books. For those who live in South Denver, this is a great place to meet friends or just browse by yourself. If you haven't bought Miss Moo yet, find it at Fireside Books and help support a local business.

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #5

5) Life is messy.

 Keeping clean is just too much work so don't worry about it. Go ahead and make a mess! Besides, cleaning up gives your mom something to do. And if she tries to give you a bath, hide behind the couch.

Miss Moo now in Boulder at the Boulder Book Store

Morning, Miss Moo is now available at the Boulder Book Store, located on the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, CO. Next time you take a stroll on the mall, be sure to stop in and find Miss Moo.  

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #4

4) Stretch every morning.

 Every morning should start with a good stretch of all your muscles. It makes a body light and limber after a night of rest and prepares you for the day. Then, after breakfast, you can go back to sleep feeling refreshed. 

Miss Moo's first book sale

On the evening of June 19, the Colorado Parrot Head Club hosted a Miss Moo book sale at their monthly meeting at Table Steaks East in Denver. The meeting featured live music by Three Sheets and a charity raffle. Along with the usual margarita-themed raffle items, two Miss Moo paw-printed books and two $25 gift certificates to Hillside Gallery were given as prizes. The raffle raised $292 for the Cat Care Society of Lakewood, CO.

Miss Moo's Television Debut

On May 4, Miss Moo author Carrie Dow and illustrator Roxanne Macke appeared on Colorado and Company, Channel 9 KUSA, to promote Morning, Miss Moo. They were very nervous, but the staff, including producer Dreux DeMack and host Denise Plante, made them feel welcome and it turned out to be fun. They even got to meet Hazel Miller, Denver jazz icon. Co Co also posted a link to the Miss Moo Blog on their website.

Tiny cat on a big bookshelf

Here I am!

That's Miss Moo on a shelf in the children's corner at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Highlands Ranch, CO. Pretty sweet!

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #3

3)  Always question authority.

It never hurts to ask for what you want, just remember to be polite. And if they say no, ask again. And again and again and again. You'll wear them down eventually.

Making new friends

Elaine Estern of St. John, USVI, shared a photo of her cat enjoying my new book. Looks like a winner! She also said the grandkids loved it and they even learned a new word: Ornery. Now when they are acting up, she can say they are acting like Miss Moo (hey wait, that's me!).

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #2

2)  Eat every meal as if it's your last.

Food tastes good so you might as well enjoy eating it. A full tummy is a happy tummy.

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #1

1) Take a nap at every opportunity

Life is tough. Be sure to get enough rest. Besides, you never know when you'll have to run away from something much larger than you. Be ready, be rested.