Miss Moo's Word of the Day

1) Providing a reason to act a certain way; the act or instance of motivating
2) Desire to do, interest or drive
3) Something that provides inducement or incentive
 Moo-tivational, Moo-tivating
Miss Moo gives the Blonde moo-tivation to get up every morning.
Miss Moo's cuteness gives the Blonde moo-tivation to write more Miss Moo stories.
Miss Moo's Word of the Day
1) The act or process of moo-ganizing
     a) the state or manner of being moo-ganized
2) Something that has been made into an ordered whole
3) Something made up of elements with varied functions that contribute to the whole and to collective functions, a moo-ganism.
Miss Moo uses her moo-ganization to direct the members of the house when it is time for breakfast.

Miss Moo's sense of moo-ganization directs her family members to do her bidding.

4) A group of persons organized for a particular purpose

Miss Moo's family is a smooth-running moo-ganization, which contributes to food and family harmony.

Miss Moo's Word of the Day

1) a feeling of well being, great happiness; elation
-- moo-phoric (adjective)
--moo-phrically (adverb)
Being in the company of Miss Moo brings on feelings of moo-phoria.
Miss Moo is moo-phoric at the sight of food.
Miss Moo purrs moo-phorically.