Morning, Miss Moo preview available from Google Books

Google Books is helping self-published authors, such as the Blonde, by allowing their content to be viewed online. It's called the Google Books Partner Program and Morning, Miss Moo is now available for preview on the site. Guests can see the first few pages of the book along with author and illustrator information. If you like what you see, Google then provides retail information along with links to Miss Moo's biggest supporters, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent retailers. Pretty cool, eh? The Blonde is also working on making me available as a digital download so those of you with iPads, Nooks and Kindles can see me anytime you want. Just think, all Moo all the time. Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

To try it out for yourself, visit this page from the Tattered Cover Book Store and click on the "Google Preview" tab under the cover image. Or you can visit Google Books and type Miss Moo in the search box.

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