Morgan "Miss Moo" 2001- 2014

Our sweet Miss Moo passed away on Friday, March 21. Miss Moo became sick and her existing kidney issues just couldn't handle the illness. She was around 13 years old.

We found Miss Moo in a pile of leaves behind the garage of our first house. She was so tiny, she fit in the palm of my husband's hand. She had the strangest, cutest, tiniest "moo." Even her purr was tiny. For the first few years, we didn't even think she could purr. Then one day I was reading a book in bed and she curled up on my pillow with her head next to my ear and I could hear this tiny motor. Her antics were endless.

We began work on Book 2 last year. I was hoping to finish it this year. Her illness was so sudden and we are all in shock and very sad. She was a wonderful creature who touched many humans with her silliness and her sweetness. She had so many funny stories and I hope to continue telling them. Love you little Moo!

Miss Moo's Word of the Day

1) Providing a reason to act a certain way; the act or instance of motivating
2) Desire to do, interest or drive
3) Something that provides inducement or incentive
 Moo-tivational, Moo-tivating
Miss Moo gives the Blonde moo-tivation to get up every morning.
Miss Moo's cuteness gives the Blonde moo-tivation to write more Miss Moo stories.
Miss Moo's Word of the Day
1) The act or process of moo-ganizing
     a) the state or manner of being moo-ganized
2) Something that has been made into an ordered whole
3) Something made up of elements with varied functions that contribute to the whole and to collective functions, a moo-ganism.
Miss Moo uses her moo-ganization to direct the members of the house when it is time for breakfast.

Miss Moo's sense of moo-ganization directs her family members to do her bidding.

4) A group of persons organized for a particular purpose

Miss Moo's family is a smooth-running moo-ganization, which contributes to food and family harmony.

Miss Moo's Word of the Day

1) a feeling of well being, great happiness; elation
-- moo-phoric (adjective)
--moo-phrically (adverb)
Being in the company of Miss Moo brings on feelings of moo-phoria.
Miss Moo is moo-phoric at the sight of food.
Miss Moo purrs moo-phorically.

Miss Moo book signing!

This Saturday, December 22, Miss Moo author Carrie Dow will be at Hillside Gallery in Lakewood with autographed copies of Morning, Miss Moo for sale! Get your copy just in time for Christmas and finish your last minute holiday shopping with all the fine gifts and jewelry Hillside has to offer. After shopping visit the Village Roaster next door for some warm coffee. What a great way to spend a shopping day! If you already purchased a copy of Miss Moo online, bring it by and get it autgraphed with Miss Moo's paw print.

Hillside Gallery is located at 9255 West Alameda Avenue on the northwest corner of Alameda and Garrison in Lakewood. Saturday hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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Miss Moo Book 2 update - Book 2 has been put on hold temporary while my illustrator deals with a medical issue. We wish her a quick recovery and Miss Moo has lots of purrs waiting for her!
Miss Moo's Word of the Day
1. highly pleasing to the senses
2. very pleasing or delightful
Used in the Sentence:
Miss Moo is quite moo-licious, especially to the ears.
Miss Moo eats every bite of her moo-licious breakfast.