Miss Moo Number Two on Kickstarter.com

The Blonde is getting ready for Miss Moo Number Two! Book Number 2 in the Miss Moo series is in pre-production this winter. It will be called Good Afternoon, Miss Moo and to help pay for it, the Blonde has signed up with Kickstarter.com. Perhaps you saw the story on Rock Center last Monday? Kickstarter is a website that connects artists and designers with people who want to help fund creative projects like books, music recordings, films and even scientific projects.

Those who help fund projects get rewards, in Miss Moo's case, donors receive free autographed copies of books and digital downloads. So take a look and see what you think. If you have the first Miss Moo book and it made you and your kids smile, consider a small donation and you'll receive a free copy of the next one. The Blonde has 60 days to raise the funds so tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you hang out online.

Miss Moo thanks you!

Link to Miss Moo on Kickstarter.com
Give the kids and cat lovers you know the gift of reading for the holidays! Morning, Miss Moo is on sale now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. Or better yet, order books directly from Miss Moo Productions and receive an autographed paw print from Miss Moo! Orders placed by December 15 will be received in time for the holidays. Order 4 or more books and get one free!  Email the Blonde at missmoo303@yahoo.com for more information.

The Blonde interviewed on Thoughful Reflections authors blog

Meet Miss Moo creator Carrie Dow on the author's blog Thoughtful Reflections by Sylvia L. Ramsey. She talks about writing, getting publishing and most importantly...ME! (Miss Moo that is.)  What fun! So learn more about the Blonde and about how I came to be...literary.
Thoughtful Reflections by Sylvia L. Ramsey

In other news, the Blonde and her friend Roxanne will be selling my book at the Foothills Animal Shelter Howl-iday Mart gift sales and craft fair on Saturday and Sunday, November 12 and 13. The event will be held in their Community Room at the shelter at 580 McIntyre Street in Golden (at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds; use the Indiana exit from West 6th Avenue).

Morning, Miss Moo reviewed in I Love Cats Magazine

Be sure to check out the Fall 2011 edition of I Love Cats Magazine. Inside is a review of Morning, Miss Moo.
"Between the succinct and amusing storyline and the beautiful artwork accompanying it, readers will wish for a longer read and more looks at the daily life of the lovable Miss Moo."
Readers' wishes will come true when a new Miss Moo book comes out in 2012!

The Fall 2011 I Love Cats has all kinds of interesting articles including Oscar: the Bionic Cat, Tips for Boarding your Pet and The Arizona Cat Whisperer. Be sure to pick one up today!

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #10

10) Be content with what you have

It's not how big your home is or what kind of litter is in your litter box, as long as you have friends and family, life is pretty good. I have delicious food in my bowl, a bottomless water dish and a soft blanket in the sunshine to curl up on. I don't need anything else. Well, a few plush toys would be nice, and a cup a milk on occasion, maybe a water gun to spray the dogs with (just for fun of course), and I wouldn't mind some chunks of tuna or ham accidently dropped on the floor every now and then...Yeah, that should do it.

Miss Moo featured on I-Love-Cats!

Miss Moo's blog and children's book are now featured on the cat-lovers website I-Love-Cats.com. This website has everything cat-centric. From advice on cat behavior, finding specific cat breeders and links to the lastest and greatest cat toys and products, you can find it at I-Love-Cats.com. There are forums for ailurophiles to trade stories and information about their cats or they can ask an experts their toughest cat questions. Feline fanatics can read cat blogs and view cat videos, just about anything you can think of that involves cats. And as cat lovers know, "it's all about the cats!" Miss Moo would agree.

Check out the kitty-cat link on the right to find out more and to find everthing you need for your cats.

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #9

9) Be helpful

It's nice to help others. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe that's because I'm warm and fuzzy on the outside. Mom always needs help waking up in the morning. I'm glad to oblige.

Special Announcement: Miss Moo is now digital! Celebrate! Rejoice! Jump up and down! Ok, now relax and read the rest of the blog.

Miss Moo has finally entered the new millineum. She's gone digital! Morning, Miss Moo is now available on electronic reading devices including Kindle, Nook, iPad and iPhone. Here are some links to help you find your digital copy of Morning Miss Moo:

Amazon for Kindle

Barnes and Noble for Nook

iTunes for iPad and iPhone (you'll need to download the iBooks app to your device to receive books)

Cost is only $1.99!!!!! At that price anyone can take Miss Moo with them wherever they go. Now you be like Miss Moo - go forth and annoy!

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #8

8) Indulge in tactition.

Your sense of touch is important so use it frequently. Whiskers are for tickling, tail for swooshing and paws for patting. And what you give tactiley, you will receive tactiley with ear scratches, pets and belly rubs. Everybody wins!

Miss Moo at a discount!

Amazon is currently offering a 28% discount on Morning, Miss Moo! You can get it now for $10.82 plus free shipping on orders over $25. Use this Amazon link to take advantage of this special offer. These books are NOT autographed, however, anyone wanting an autographed copy, including Miss Moo's paw print, can use this blog or the Miss Moo Facebook page for contact information. Thanks Amazon!

Miss Moo's Guide to Happiness, Rule #7

7) Be Loud, Be Proud!

Let your voice be heard! After a long, quiet nap, it's time to exercise those vocal cords. How else you gonna get people's attention? So if you have something to say, say it like you mean it.

Special Event: Miss Moo book signing

When: Saturday, February 19, 2 p.m.
Where: Fireside Books & Coffee, 410 West Hampden Avenue

There will be a Morning, Miss Moo book signing at Fireside Books and Coffee in South Denver located on Hampden between Santa Fe and Broadway. If you already have a copy of Morning, Miss Moo, bring it with you and get Miss Moo's autograph. If you don't have your copy yet, now is your chance to get one and support a local business at the same time. Please stop by, enjoy some coffee and pastries and learn more about Miss Moo. If we get lots of kids, there will be a book reading.