Bay Point Elementary (St. Petersburg, Florida) reads Morning, Miss Moo in class

Miss Moo received a pleasant surprise in the mail last week. She received 10 wonderful letters from students in Ms. Bridges' first grade class from Bay Point Elementary in St. Petersburg, FL. The letters were all about my favorite subject, ME! Ms. Bridges read Morning, Miss Moo to the class and then the students wrote letters to the Blonde telling her how much they liked it. Miss Moo would like to thank the students for their kind words with many purrs and tail swishes. Keep reading and writing!

"Bay Point Elementary opened in 1962 in south St. Petersburg, moving into its current home in 2000. The math, science, technology and Spanish language magnet program was initiated in the 1993-1994 school year to facilitate integration as required by the Federal desegregation mandate. It is a District-wide magnet school and students are admitted through lottery. The curriculum is aligned with the magnet programs of adjacent Bay Point Middle School and Lakewood High School's Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT) program."

Here are just a few of the letters Miss Moo received:

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